The one hundred ninety-eighth (198) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.


The one hundred ninety-eighth (198) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

Northern oblasts


Yesterday, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Ramstein Air Base. Oleksiy Reznikov presented the Secretary General of NATO with a fragment of a russian missile that was meant to hit Kyiv.

Today, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki arrived in Kyiv. There will be a series of meetings on the geopolitical situation and the energy market, as well as energy and military security.

The Humanitarian Aid Center of Kyiv will distribute another 60,000 food packages to those who need it the most. The packages will be given to pensioners and people with disabilities.

Kyivans bring flowers to the embassy of Great Britain in the capital. In this way, Ukrainians honor the memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

In Kyiv, they inspected the readiness of the city for the heating season.

In Kyiv, a boy sells paper daggers, swords, katanas and nunchucks to raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kyiv Oblast

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Irpin yesterday. Mr. Blinken had the opportunity to personally see the consequences of russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

Yesterday, Oleksiy Kuleba held a working meeting with the heads of territorial communities and raions of the oblast. During the meeting, they listened to reports and discussed the issues of creating additional places for IDPs to live, the readiness of health care institutions in the oblast for an increase in the incidence of Covid-19, and the progress of the vaccination campaign in the oblast.

It is planned to install 258 additional cameras with facial recognition in public places in the oblast for the detection of offenses, as well as combatting the subversive-reconnaissance groups and prompt search for saboteurs.

Today, on the territory of the Dymer community of the Vyshhorod Raion, rescuers neutralized enemy mines and ammunition.

Volunteers of the volunteer construction battalion “Dobrobat” helped to lay the temporary roofing of the Irpin City House of Culture.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In Zhytomyr, on September 9, the fallen defender Artur Khreshchenko was buried at the Korbutivske city cemetery. He was killed during the invasion of Bucha by the russian occupiers. First, he had been buried as an unknown hero. Today, the warrior returned home on the shield.

Olena Lehenchuk from Zhytomyr is a military chaplain. The woman learned about the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia into the territory of Ukraine while in Spain. From the first days of the war, it has been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The exhibition “Come Back Alive” opened in the House of Ukrainian Culture in Zhytomyr.

The exhibition features the works by more than 100 artists from five countries.

Chernihiv Oblast

Yesterday, the russians shelled the Horodnia community in the Chernihiv Oblast. The occupiers fired 120 mm mortars from the direction of the russian village of Chernozemniy Gorodok. 8 hits were recorded.

In Chernihiv, the granite element of the pedestrian area fountain with the name of the former belarusian sister city of Gomel was replaced with a new one with the name of the Polish sister city of Rzeszow.

Sumy Oblast

Over the course of yesterday, the russian military shelled the Krasnopillia, Esman, and Znob-Novhorodske communities in the Sumy Oblast. In the Krasnopillia community, the russian occupiers fired 29 times with mortars and 20 times with the Grad MLRS. The outskirts of Bachivsk (Esman community) were also shelled with mortars, 20 explosions were recorded. At night, at about 2 a.m., the russians shelled the Shalyhyne community with mortars, 8 hits. No casualties or destruction.

This morning, russian aircraft fired at the hospital in the Velyka Pysarivka community in the Sumy Oblast. The building was destroyed and seven people were wounded.

In Sumy, peple said goodbye to Serhii Horbach, who was killed in action on September 4 in the Donetsk Oblast, defending the integrity of Ukraine.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Last night, the enemy launched missile attacks using MLRS on the city of Kharkiv and the oblast. Some of the missiles “self-destructed” on the territory of the russian federation.

In Kharkiv, as a result of russian terror, there was a fire and the destruction of a three-story administrative building in the Saltivskyi district. The private sector in the Kyivskyi district was hit; a 53-year-old woman was killed.

During the day, the enemy fired MLRS at the center of Kharkiv. Residential buildings and other structures were hit. 10 persons are known to be wounded.

Over the past day, the Izium, Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, and Bohodukhiv raions were attacked by the invaders.

In the morning, medics hospitalized a man in the Derhachi community, where the occupiers also continue to terrorize the civilian population.

The Chuhuiv Raion was also subjected to intense shelling by the russians. A 60-year-old woman was killed in Chuhuiv. Private houses, the educational and sports center, and outbuildings were damaged.

In the temporarily occupied part of the Chuhuiv Raion of the Kharkiv Oblast, the russian invaders are forcibly mobilizing local residents. The men are detained and sent to the so-called recruitment center in Vovchansk. Residents who left the occupied territories are urged to return by October 1 for taking part in the so-called referendums.

Donetsk Oblast

Last night, the russians fired in the Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, and Bakhmut raions.

Maryinka and Avdiivka were affected in the Pokrovsk Raion. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties.

In the Kramatorsk Raion, Sloviansk, Kostyantynivka, and Rai-Oleksandrivka came under fire. In Sloviansk, the warehouses of the former enterprise and the classrooms of the local technical school were damaged. An agricultural enterprise and a residential building were damaged in Kostyantynivka. In Rai-Oleksandrivka, the roofs and windows of two buildings were damaged by artillery shelling. There were no casualties.

The enemy continued to attack military and civilian facilities in the Kramatorsk sector.

The mayor of Sloviansk gave a detailed interview to the FreeDom TV channel about community life, evacuation, and preparation for the heating season.

Since February 24, the russians have killed 819 civilians of the Donetsk Oblast, and wounded another 2,048.


The situation in the community remains alarming. The local residents discuss the liberation of Balaklia and the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The successes of the military give hope for the resumption of gas supply in the oblast.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky district

The last day was relatively calm in the community. No facts about the victims or destruction were recorded.

Residents of the Novoelizavetiv and Novotroitsk districts of the Pokrovsk community received food packages from the Chernivtsi Charitable Foundation “Human Power”, which cooperates with the World Food Program of the United Nations (WFP).

Mayor Oleksandr Shevchenko spoke about the preparation of the city of Novogrodivka for the heating season.

In the Pokrovsk community, consideration of applications for receiving solid fuel continues. Firewood harvesting is in progress. Brigades have already been created and are working in the community, whose employees are engaged in sawing emergency trees.

The coordinator of the Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” spoke with the displaced persons in the city park named after Taras Shevchenko in the city of Khmilnyk in the Vinnytsia region and provided them with information about what documents and data will be needed to fill out the application for the certificate of an internally displaced person.


Bakhmut suffered the most damage: during the previous day, the russians killed 8 people there and wounded another 17. 20 private and 6 multi-story buildings, 4 shops, the palace of culture, and the administration building were damaged. In addition, the market came under fire — 107 containers were damaged. The city has been without water and electricity for the fourth day — specialists cannot start repairs due to active hostilities.

In the direction of Bakhmut, the enemy continued to attack military and civilian objects – near Yakovlivka, Soledar, Bakhmutsky, Bakhmut, Veselaya Dolyna, Zaytsevo, New York and Vesely.

Bakhmut remains one of the hottest spots in Donetsk oblast. The city is constantly bombarded by enemy artillery. Staying in Bakhmut is dangerous. The city authorities urge residents to evacuate to safer regions of the country.

The coordinator of the Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” was preparing to hold a dialogue meeting with the youth of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


The russians send ordinary Mariupol residents, not their specialists, to dismantle the enterprises destroyed by them. Yesterday, 4 people from Mariupol blew themselves up at the Illich plant. The incident occurred during the clearing of the plant.

Every day, the resistance action with the inscription of the letter “Ї” is gaining momentum. The symbol of Mariupol resistance is painted in various places and areas of the occupied city. Residents thus emphasize that Mariupol is Ukraine.

The occupiers began withdrawing military equipment from Mariupol. The equipment is moving towards Berdyansk.

Luhansk Oblast

The russians are pulling up reserves to Svatovo to try to stop the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

The losses of Luhansk enterprises from the armed aggression of the Russian Federation amount to more than 6 billion, this amount is growing every day.

Southern regions

Kherson Oblast

The occupiers are concentrating their efforts on establishing full control over the temporarily captured areas of the Kherson region. Unmanned aerial vehicles are constantly conducting reconnaissance, and continue to take measures to improve the logistical support of their troops. Several loud explosions rang out in Nova Kakhovka. As a result, one entrance of the house was destroyed, and the roofs of the neighboring private houses were damaged. According to eyewitnesses, a fragment of a rocket fell on the house. The armed forces of the russian federation took the secretary of the Kakhovka City Council, Iryna Goncharova, and her husband, Volodymyr Stupin, from their apartment. Both are being held in the premises of the Novaya Kakhovka police.

In the course of preparations for the pseudo-referendum, the occupation authorities are threatening to “nationalize” the housing of those who left the region, if they refuse to return to their homes by October 1.

In the Kherson region, in the village of Velyka Oleksandrivka, the occupiers are using local residents as “human shields”. The village is closed for entry and exit.

In the Kherson region, the prices of products have increased significantly, and the assortment has decreased. The delivery of food to the right bank of the Dnipro after the decommissioning of the bridges now requires more time and costs.

The armed forces of Ukraine keep all crossings of russian troops under fire control. In the area of ​​Kherson and Darivka, they once again hit the enemy’s pontoon crossings.

The southern defense forces keep the bridges over the Dnipro and Ingulets under close fire control, which prevents the enemy from repairing and using them.

In Skadovsk, looting and unprovoked interference in citizens’ homes continues. Roadblocks have been strengthened. New equipment arrives in Skadovsk every day.

People band together, trying to work to somehow survive. They join volunteering, help each other, sell things, food, whatever is left. In Skadovsk, around 03:00 p.m., strong explosions were heard from the side of the seaport. In the city, the stock of products and other means is not increased or replenished.

Banks and ATMs are not working, but the “new occupation government” is working.

Air raid sirens sound constantly.

The coordinator of the Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” held another consultation among the city’s residents on issues of fake news and disinformation, explained how to distinguish them.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The enemy hit the Nikopol district. It fired from barrel artillery. There is destruction of country houses, farm buildings and enterprises. He also shelled the Zelenodol community.

In the Dnipro region, they will say goodbye to the fallen servicemen: 49-year-old Oleg Balynets from the Synelniky district and 29-year-old Maksym Vynogrodskyi from Zhovtyh Vody.

Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov announced that Otto Schmidt Street in Dnipro will be renamed to Stepan Bandera Street.

In Kryvyi Rih and Pavlograd, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed two supporters of Russia who were engaged in anti-Ukrainian propaganda on social networks.

Almost 7,000 cans of canned goods – sauerkraut, peas and gooseberries – were handed over to the National Guardsmen. The humanitarian cargo was delivered to the Dnipro region by the “Songs born in the ATO” charity fund in cooperation with the regional military administration. Provisions arrived from the German city of Falkenberg. During the 7 months of the war, the “Songs born in the ATO” charity fund, in cooperation with the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, handed over aid from the communities of Italy, Poland, Denmark and England to defenders and displaced persons.

Kirovohrad Oblast 

The day passed calmly, without air alerts. The situation in the communities is calm and under control.

On September 9, the residents of Kropyvnytskyi bid farewell to the Hero who gave his life for Ukraine.

The last tribute was paid to Volodymyr Davydenko, a soldier of the amphibious assault platoon of marines. The soldiers found their eternal rest on the Alley of Honorable Military Burials of the Far Eastern Cemetery. Relatives, friends, comrades in arms did not hold back tears. Bishop Mark of Kropyvnytskyi and Golovanivsk of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine celebrated the memorial service for the dead.

Kirovohrad Oblast continues to receive evacuation trains from Donetsk Oblast. The head of the Kirovohrad Oblast Military Administration, Andrii Raykovich, noted that since the beginning of the organized evacuation campaign, 2,624 internally displaced persons from Donetsk Oblast have already been resettled in the communities of the oblast. 640 of them are children.

Children from Olexandria drew patriotic pictures for the defenders. For example, the “Create a picture for defenders” action was held for children in the city’s Central Library. All those willing had the opportunity to join and draw patriotic pictures for Ukrainian soldiers. 

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” worked as a volunteer at the Humanitarian Center for Internally Displaced Persons (forming packages with grocery sets and hygiene items, sorting clothes, etc.).

Poltava Oblast

Ruslan Shcherbyna, a 49-year-old soldier from Nekhvoroshcha community (Poltava Oblast), died in the Kryvyi Rih hospital of wounds received during the battle.

In Stockholm, on September 3, the Swedish Open international poomsae ranking tournament took place. Two residents of Poltava represented the national team of Ukraine. Gavrylov’s Davyd and Eva competed in three disciplines in the Cadet age category, and they won awards in all of them.On September 4, David and Eva won 4 prizes at the 1st European Cup Poomsae 2022 tournament, which gives four quotas for participation in the 2023 European Championship.

The Ministry of Culture recommends dismantling russian monuments in Poltava.

The team of the AUI “Active Community” in Poltava found an opportunity, thanks to cooperation with foreign organizations, to provide financial assistance to 5 people with disabilities aged 70+ for the purchase of medicines.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast 

There were no air alert notifications in the oblast.

Another 127 people arrived in Lviv from the epicenters of hostilities on two evacuation trains.

652 people traveled to Przemyśl from Lviv Oblast by four trains.

19,768 people left Ukraine through checkpoints in the Lviv Oblast during the day. 18,149 people applied for entry. Of them, 17,052 are Ukrainians.

In Lviv Oblast, the level of implementation of the annual plan of tax revenues to the oblast budget is 73.3%. You can find out about the situation in terms of communities here.

During his visit to Donetsk Oblast, the head of the Lviv Oblast Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, talked with the soldiers of the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the airborne assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the meeting, he handed over drones that will help the Lviv paratroopers hit the enemy even more effectively.

On September 9, the Office for the Support of Servicemen and Members of Their Families held a training seminar on problematic issues related to the implementation and protection of the rights of servicemen and their families under martial law. The Office was created on June 1 this year at the initiative of the Lviv Oblast Military Administration. This is a permanent consultative and advisory body under the Lviv Oblast Military Administration, which aims to provide prompt consideration and resolution of problematic issues of volunteers, reservists, military personnel participating in the defense of the state, veterans of the russian-Ukrainian war and their family members. In 100 days of work, almost 800 people applied to the institution.

The coordinator of the AUI “Active Community” was preparing the work program of the psychological group, which is scheduled to be launched in October.

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